Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays)

July 23, 2014
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Every Monday and Thursday night, we have open mic nights at Epicure. These are nights where anyone can come, sign up their name on our list, and play 2 songs.  We have a PA system, mics, mic stands, a house drum kit, two house pianos, several house guitars, a house accordion, a house didgeridoo, and more. 

We have a new format for Epicure Open Mic on Thursdays (Mondays are unaffected) in order to make things a bit more fair for regulars and new comers alike:

The big thing to notice is the evening is split into two sets. 7pm-10pm and 10pm-1:30am. Slot-wise this translates to 1-15 and 16-close. Every 5 spots are to be shuffled in the first set.

Sign Ups for 7:00pm – 10:00pm begin at 5:00pm (when our doors open). Every five slots is shuffled so be prepared to play within the hour you expect to play. Generally every five spots equals an hour.

For playing after 10:00 (until 1:30am!) sign ups begin at 9:00pm and will be a first come first serve basis.

You can only sign yourself up and are expected to be ready to play when announced (no postponements because of missing members and please tune your instrument/plug in you pedals BEFORE it is your turn to play).

Epicure open mic caters to the local DMV musician’s community, sorry no comedy nor poetry (see calendar for such events on other nights). Please recognize by attending you are supporting a community (big egos are best left at home :))! ♥

Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays) Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays) Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays) Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays) Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays) Open Mic (Mondays and Thursdays)